EPISODE 21 – Prosperity’s Kitchen Tea Silvestre & Nick Armstrong

Talk about Superhero Overload!

Tea Silvestre of Word Chef fame and Nick Armstrong of WTF Marketing (both also co-host Prosperity’s Kitchen) come together in one interview full of shenanigans, lessons in entrepreneurship and a big stuffed banana (come on folks, on what other business talk show do you find that trifecta)

Watch the show at Prosperity’s Kitchen
Learn more about Nick at WTF Marketing
Learn more about Tea at The Word Chef

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  1. Hey Nicole,

    Fun interview with Tea and Nick— I am NOT a whiner- but I do know when I need help…like graphic design…anyway after completing the
    PK competition would love to hook up.

  2. Hi Jayne,

    I know you’re not a whiner. And we all need help with our businesses. Part of what makes PK great is learning what is your strength and what is good to outsource.

    Once the show is over would love to connect face to face.