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Call a Biz Hero


Hosted by Laura Petrolino, Founder of Flying Pig Consulting, and The Numbers Whisperer® Nicole Fende.

Special guest Tea Silvestre, The Word Chef and Executive Producer of Prosperity’s Kitchen.

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  1. That was FUN, ladies! Thanks for having me here to help kick off your new venture. I predict big things for you.

    • We loved having you Tea. What an awesome interview to launch our new show.

  2. Juicy! Thanks, ladies.

    Totally enjoyable interview. Three great personalities in the same place at the same time. :)

    Tea, your story about your prior successful business not being the right choice for you really hits home for me. Guess what I do BEST? Drum roll, please …
    So no question about it – my passion is sharing “how” to do something versus doing the work for people.

    Great advice to leave your credit cards in your wallet when you’re first starting out AND not spending hard-earned dough on things like Chamber memberships, etc.

    All in all, I’m fiercely independent and a big DIYer. You’re a genuinely wonderful inspiration for me and all solopreneurs.

    Wishing you buckets full of success with Prosperity’s Kitchen!!